KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

Hurtful Words

Be careful with the words you use you never know when it will turn on you or better yet just how it will take it toll on the other party who is receiving it.

Hurtful words can cut like a knife splitting one soul apart making them feel like ending their life…

Before you decide to verbal slice up that other person please try to stop and think about all the possibility of what could happened and how much damage you are willing to give.

When you using hurtful words without thinking of that other person you can lose that person forever, you can hurt them to the point of no return, are you ready for that.

Maybe you just don’t care how that will hurt the other person nor do you see them as worth anything in your life then use those words…

But you can surly count on this… What you do to others be prepare to have that come back on you maybe not by the same person but from someone in this life time of yours.

Please choose your words wisely for the hurtful words you use today will be the same ones that push you away.

Think before you speak, and make sure that you are ready for that same pain when you use the word game.

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