Poem By Tamika Scott

You all deceived me
Did me wrong
You make me want to leave
I loved you all
Cared for you
But all the has seized
It hurts me to say it
But I’m done
You all are dead to me
I hurt as every day goes by
We fight we argue
That's a must in that house
You hit me
And I hit you
As each swing lands
It's like stab wound
I bleed and bruise
The pain is excruciating
I want it to stop
My life gets threatened
But oh no, that's gonna stop
I'm tired and done
I'm not sitting back anymore
Crying at the sight of my door
One thing keeping me sane
That's because
I’m Living under his name
The name that cannot be said in vane
I want this to stop, come to an end
You make me feel low
And that's never going to mend
I'm hurting like no other
Hurting like I just lost my bother
But that probably wouldn’t hurt
Not with the stuff you put me through
Sorry to say I don't care no more
You're the reason I flew away
Away to another place
Away from the disgrace
I'm leaving and
I'm leaving for good
Is that understood?

Comments about Hurting

You have expressed your feelings from the heart. I hope that you have begun your new life I know that it must have taken courage. You are strong do not give up and you certainly are a better person life is short enjoy.

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