Poem By E.M McCarry

Some people when they're hurting,
scream it way out loud,
some get help and let it out
honestly, I don't know how.
Some people turn to the darkness
others go to the light
Which hides their pain away.
But me, I keep it all inside
and let it fill me up.
Slowly, slowly
sometimes bubbling up and overflowing
while smiling through the pain
For I am afraid of jumping
high or low
Also afraid to trust
for those trust me,
but not me them.
And I am afraid of depending,
one to hold on to.
No one, not even myself knows
exactly who I am.
I hide behind a positive shell
always smiling,
while holding on
and losing my grip
Falling in to the river.
But no one knows
but myself.
And I'm losing
Becoming lost in hurt.

Comments about Hurting

Touching poem.. I love it.. keep writing and let me know when you have some new poems.. you should read some of my poems.. I think you can relate to them..
wow for some reason i do understand you i am hurt from the inside and from the outside i am laughing

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