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LF (12/30/88 / tulare, ca)


Hurting inside but no one knows, no one but this girl inside.
Wishing beyond wish that this girl will just go, leave me in peace where my own thoughts can destroy me. Hoping beyond hope that the girl will see she can't be every where at once, so just let me be.
Just let me be,
Let me be, who I have tried to become to this day.
Plaese, stop with the worries. Stop trying to become me cause you can't I beg of you, let me be, let me be.
Be this girl hurting inside.

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Don't hurt so much young lady. Whatever it is that's bothering you is not such a big deal. Catch the rainbows and don't let those dense dark clouds get you.You express yourself articulately and have a wonderful flow in your poems. Take care.
You express yourself well. I am sorry, too, that you are having difficult times. All your poems seem to contain regret and pain. I think you are doing the best thing for it, though, by writing. It can help you to let emotions and thoughts out...Keep telling the paper how you feel, you are good at it. I hope better times are on their way for you, -Jade
I'm sorry that you're hurting. We all have bad times but if we keep looking faithfully for happiness it will come, I promise you. Only YOU can give yourself the life that you want. The dreams that you have. Tomorrow is a fresh new day. Marilyn
keep it real, tel them to let u be. care, but i will not let u bee...........alone but in company