Hurting Because Of You

P.S. - When I say 'you' i mean 'I'

I felt like my life is over
there is nothing to do.
I do something wrong
that i wouldn't consider
I feel horrible
but inside I'm hurt
I feel like I am dying.
No one helps when you need it
some people are mean,
call you names
and could care less
if you are struggling-
physically, mentally, or in school.
you try to fight back,
but it's no use.
I don't want her to get hurt.
My heart is too kind,
I wish it wasn't.
Life would be better then.
Her heart is cold
She doesn't care.
She talks before she thinks.
Does she know
that her mean, cruel words
would stick in my head years later,
Haunting my thoughts
and ruining my high spirit
when I should be having fun?

by Kimmy Olson

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