Painting Of A Girl

I just tried to make a wall
just to get by
just to hide behind
I did it
I painted a picture of a girl
a girl who would just blend in to the back ground
everyone just sees the painting on the wall
of that girl
that nameless girl
always alone
the that no one hangs out with
some might say hi
but as soon as the bell rings
they forget
about that girl
the one painted on the wall
I wonder if anyone will notice its just a painting
a painting on a wall
will anyone ever try to break down that wall
I’ve tried
I reached a hand through
but no one noticed
still all they see is the painting on the wall
of that girl almost forgotten
I’m starting to give up
I’m starting to feel like that girl
the one without a friend
without a name
the one that could disappear and no on would notice
and eve if they did they wouldn't care
she would just be forgotten
I would just be forgotten

by Scarlet .....

Comments (3)

ok. it is funny but deep.............................
Wow. I enjoyed reading these. They are hilarious.
shashi, that's something on the lighter side. subtle humour and i enjoyed it. thnx for the little laughter u brought into me.