I think I'll treat,
My husband like my son,
Men are like big kids,
They need to have fun.

They need to feel nurtured,
To feel cared for,
With our affection,
We shouldn't be poor.

They need to feel that
They are in control,
Just like little boys,
They need to see their role.

They need to be babied,
Every now and then,
They feel very fragile,
Especially when.

We wives show we're strong,
We can stand alone,
We get on with things,
And we do not moan.

They get insecure,
And feel kind of weak,
They need reassurance,
Or else they start to shriek.

They kick and they fuss,
They dig in their heels,
They cannot explain,
How they truly feel.

So let's try and break,
This cycle we create,
When we raise our sons,
Consider the fate.

Of the woman who'll be with them,
In many years to come,
Let's make her life easy,
Not make her run.

Behind this little boy,
Who will one day be a man,
We shouldn't over-mother him,
We must do all we can.

To make him independent,
To make him strong inside,
We shouldn't hear him squeak,
And run straight to his side.

So all you mothers out there,
Think about your son,
Teach him to be open-minded,
Teach him to compromise,
Dear mother think so carefully,
The next time your son cries.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (3)

A lot of wisdom in this, particularly as the poem winds down. Good advise and well said, Aisha! Brian
hope all women are as understanding as u said :)
How true Aisha. My late husband was more of a kid than our daughters. Think it's something a man doesn't grow out of. Thanks for your comments on mine. Glad I've found yours. Lizzy.x