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Poem By Tina Louise

Seduce me with your words
Verbs draped across my breasts
just suggest
Murmur meanderings into my neck
Wreck mediocrity with a subtext
Hex spells upon me
Free spirit with prose
Expose tongue twisters to my toes
So I can feel your wet wordy lap
Tap ten digital code rap
Sap soaked in your graffiti
Defeat me, shout out
Doubt me with your mouth

Make me from your song
Long, longing belonging near
Where I can hear
Sheer seduction as you satiate
Wait …
just wait
Tense, thriller panting
Chanting rhythmic rhymes dancing
Entrancing passion advancing
Chancing whispers light breeze
Tease lips atop lips as they move
Smooth over each other
Smother the world outside
Slide into the library of us

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