(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

'Hush Up! Say What? '

I use to think I had been the only one,
Wanting with a wish to assist others excel...
To achieve and succeed to heights they desired.
And done to do with less sweat.
That's what I once believed.
With positive thoughts I perceived I would be,
Appreciated and accepted.
After I told them who I knew and had met.

But to you I must confess,
I began to realize I was being despised.

'Despised? Why? '

For my efforts to endeavor.
And with my eyes open wide and ears to hear,
I learned I had more motivation...
Than those I wanted to assist with a seriousness,
Than they were about their own lives.
Or seeking to accomplish with this meant.

'Hush up! Say What? '

Boldly I had been told by a few,
My expectations were too high.
Too high for them to pursue.
And they are the same ones today who say,
People with experience should help others succeed.

'That's true.
I believe that too.'

But as soon as some folks get notoriety,
They throw up their noses...
And from their own people leave.
People had the 'nerve' to say that to me.
And there I was with rolled up sleeves.


I have.

What after doing that have you done? '

Watch to observe,
Those with wishes to allow themselves,
Become disrespected and discouraged...
By those self-inflicted with this ignorance.
To believe they do others a favor,
With accomodating a wasting...
Of their time, efforts, knowledge and abilities.

These are lies.'

I wish they were.
I wish they were embellished exaggerations.
But after 'disbelieving' the reality of it,
I'm glad my peace of mind has not been affected.
Nor am I the one you will see to be running around,
Shouting through a bullhorn trying to calm folks down...
With expectations they are entitled to get something,
By singing their interpretation of 'We Shall Overcome'.
And not yet have 'come' to their senses.
You know...
With a self-examined consciousness.

'Hush up! Say what?
LOL. You too funny.'

I know.
I'm told my 'observations' are hysterical.
And too funny not to need the use for words.
Since they go unheard anyway.

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