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Husssh Now
NC (1975- / Detroit, Michigan)

Husssh Now

Husssh now
and pull that strength up from your soul.

Don’t be frettin’ now
‘bout things you can’t control.

I’ll make some tea,
Soon you’ll see
things ain’t as bad as you think,

They ain’t even as bad as they could be.

Sure, you got no family,
but you still got a friend.

We’ll talk all night,
if that’s what it takes
to get your heart on the mend.

Why you always looking at that half empty glass?
You stare and stare looking for it to fill.

There goes the kettle whistle; I’ll be right back.

What kinda tea you want? I’ve also got coffee – black.

I’ve got an idea.

Your cup is jus’ ‘bout dry.

I know you’re one who believes.
Now then, let’s just see what we can see in these leaves.

Ooooh Lord!
I can’t believe my eyes!
You see this?

The leaves shaped like a horseshoe.

Oh what joy, what bliss!

Things are lookin’ up child! For you and me.

Hussh now.
Just sit back and relax.

Watch God fill our glasses

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