(1783 - 1872 / Denmark)

High Tides

Like high tides my heart rises today,
Small and huge waves of pleasure
Wash the soul and recede to sea,
Me left afresh and aglow with spirit.

Like wooly winter clouds wait sprightly spring,
A subtle expectation seizes my heart;
Like the flashes of lightening in rainy, cool night,
Unknown hopes light across my world.

On wings of burning fires within,
My moods rise to the infinite sky;
Melodies of life, bright colours of the world
Flood my blood like day-break's bright flames.

The Being warms up to bright white vapours
And spreads to my world like candescent glow;
A fluid dance kicks my sweet numb limbs
And I glow in infinite speechless joy.

A speck of fire in incredible strenght,
Somewhere inside consumes me all
In the pain of ceaseless intense joy
That deliquesces me to nebulous sweetness.

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