Freedom And Love Only In Pastoral Life!

Pastoral romantic life is the best way to live
In harmony with Nature full of lovely beauty,
Satisfaction and bliss in this world now sure!

This is the reason many opt for resorts to farm
Houses to enjoy holidays in peace and tranquility
To enjoy the bliss they are longing for in Nature!

Beauty and love together is a great boon to enjoy
Not anywhere in the modern world but only in Nature
Out of the limits of urban noise, pollution and all!

Even religions highlight pastoral lords preaching
About love, brotherhood, peace and blissful life
For the well being of humans to enjoy liberation!

Freedom and liberty one can experience only in the
Pastoral life with love and beauty supporting ever!

by Ramesh T A

Comments (2)

I'm sorry, Kayla but this ain't good.u ve the potential so don't screw up.come on! Be You.Be Different-a friend on this site always tells me this! !
Kayla... I really like your poems, but you know your not even really like this. Your not all about blood, be yoursself. Write poems about what YOU like, and what YOU expirience, not about what you want people to think you are. Just be yourself, I liked you before, and I like you now. But I wish you would stick to who you are, not who other people are, or what other people want you to be.