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Hyderabad, That's My City


The iconic structure, Charminar
Stands witness to the changing times
Bhagyanagar, city of fortune then
Hyderabad, city of hope now
Dream city of the Nizam Kings
Our beloved city now
Centuries pass by
Glory remains the same
That's my city, Hyderabad

I love my city Hyderabad
I feel fortunate
I belong to this place
The culture is rich here
The history is proud
And the climate is good

Geographically the Tank Bund divides the city
But we are one people here
We live in harmony
The statue of Lord Buddha
Should be an inspiration to all of us
To follow the path
Of peace and brotherhood, every time
Cause unity is one true religion

The city is growing
Or shall we say developing
It has become the most happening place
And yes, we've got a chance
We are living in a modern world
People from far and wide
Have made their home here
And gave the city a cosmopolitan color

You may say I'm much too prideful about my city
Oh yes, you are right
I grew up here
I am happy and more free here
Been to other places
But I like my city Hyderabad most
Ask anybody here
They will also tell the same thing.

Poem by T.J. Jayant

by Jayant Tekumalla

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Comments (2)

i love my city too. Nothing like it, lively, vibrant, a hub for literature and fest. a multi cultutural dynamic city. Proud to be a Hyderabadi. So beautifully described.10+++
Beautiful city Hyderabad described with excellent words.