Hydroplanic Seeds

Poem By Kewayne Wadley

Toad awoke to an enchanted garden
Abandant with fruit
He hopped along the pebbles that circled round
His eyes gleamed like the jewels encrusted in the fountains
Unlike before his heart felt with delight
The regret of past transgression soon fled
Soon his path brought him to an giant peach
His eyes gleeful as the butterflies that surrounded
He attempted to take a bite
A bite he did as it filled his mouth with such delight
Soon he took another as he took notice to the statues that surrounded him
The figures were that of angels in flight as well as greek god's and other creatures
One in particular a dragon with the saddest eyes as it towered over all
He felt the lukewarm chill of the air as it caressed him
Again he hopped along the pebble road
Exploring his own personal heaven
He loafed
He took flight into the dreams that seemed so far from reach
Soon he became big as his hop wasn't the same
Years had passed before the colors in his mind began to tarnish
The garden half gone
He saught his way back from which he came but found the hole to small
Still he tried to fit but found his attempts feeble
This puzzled him deeply as he knew no other way out
The toad then grew resentful
Hateful for the pleasures that were bestowed upon him
Without much to partake in
In the years to come
He became stone just as the figures that surrounded him
As he sat there in eternal sleep he realised the harsh truth that forcibly bestowed itself upon him as well as the others

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A very enjoyable tale! Thanks for sharing!

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