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She looked at her wings, humbled

Scattered ripped crippled

At Your power and glory

Over being and matter

Over death, death, death,

In silence she should

Have bowed to the Lord,

To cruelty and hate

To war and to death, to death on wings

On wings of steel, of iron and gold

To the smile on your face

To the grin of the cat

Bow to the Almighty!

For he is the one, the one, the only

The only that loves and warms and aids

That kills, that cripples, that screams that fails

For He can do all

For He was there before

For he who created the good and the bad

And for fun? – the ugly.

So behold HIM the great!

She had looked with the eyes He had given her

And she had seen what was there.

Now look at the glory

Look at the beauty of an angels wings

When their torn and shattered

And gray as dust, as gray as matter

And bow to HIM the Almighty the Lord

For what remains to do?

One feather falls to dust.

by Hannah Freeman

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