No One Knows Me

Right now I feel so weak
I know I sometimes act like a freak

but that's not me
No one knows me
No one knows the real me

I'm just a little fool
That still goes to school
I'm just a simple girl
Like all the other girls
With long hair and golden curls

With plain hazel eyes
that tells no lies
With outer calm face and inner loud cries

With non-stop gloomy tears
With a heart full of bitter fears

With a forlorn broken heart
With my fellow sorrow that never leaves me apart

With sleepless scary nights
Dark with no beam of light

Weak.. Weak
Like an angel with no wings
Like a bird that can not sing

No one knows me
I always smile in glee
No matter how much pain I feel
And the sadness in my eyes
I always try not to reveal

No one knows me
I might be laughing at the moment
But in a while.. I'll be again feeling this torment

Weak.. Weak
No one knows me
No one knows me

2 June 2000

by unknown poet

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Thank you, John Richter, for those valuable pieces of information that deepen our appreciation of an artist's work
Enjoyed it! Beautiful!
This is incredibly interesting. At first I thought a very dear little poem. But Sarah's name was ringing in my head as though I knew of her somehow. And I thought this is a form poem, like a hexastich with the repeating last line of each stanza. Of course I glossed over the word 'Hymn' in the title. Jumping over to her biography it came rushing in. A commenter there correctly identified Sarah's hymn ' Nearer My God' as the last song played by the string trio on the Titanic as she slipped into the ocean. Freaking awesome! Sarah is an indelible part of history and I am surprised she has only 6 pieces here on PH.
A well written poem
With parting breath. Nice work.
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