Seeing God

I saw God today, as I left the train.
A teenager helped a stranger carry a shopping bag,
He took the strain.

I saw God today, as I walked into the mall.
I saw a beggar get coffee from a man, and some bread.
He was there when that homeless guy needed a pal.

I saw God today, as I walked out of the post office.
There was an argument between two women in the street.
A third intervened, and all was at peace.

I saw God today, as I watched a house ablaze on the tv news, the situation dire.
They said a young boy, a hero, had dashed in and rescued a baby.
And saved her from certain death in that huge fire.

I saw God today. A neighbour was lonely and needed to speak.
And someone took the time to stop and listen,
And share some pastries, and give them a break.

I saw God today, as I rented a car.
The person behind the counter was as polite as could be.
They smiled, took an interest, and lifted my spirits by far.

I saw God today, he was hungry and lame,
And as I waked by he gave me a look,
And said, ‘Be different, don’t be the same
As other who pass me by’.
Can you help?

Did you see God today?
God is in the stranger, the mundane and the person in need.
He is in the helper, the advisor, the one who will intercede.
And he’s there for you, in ‘the other’, in the other person, indeed.

God in a thousand situations, daily, I see.
Sometimes in giving, and sometimes in need. But He’s the One who said,
‘For what you did to the least of these, you did to me’.

[Brother Jonathan Gardner]
Copyright © ®2008, Brother Jonathan Gardner. All rights reserved.

The poem is based loosely on Matthew 25: 31-46, The Book.

by Brother Jonathan Gardner

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Thank you, John Richter, for those valuable pieces of information that deepen our appreciation of an artist's work
Enjoyed it! Beautiful!
This is incredibly interesting. At first I thought a very dear little poem. But Sarah's name was ringing in my head as though I knew of her somehow. And I thought this is a form poem, like a hexastich with the repeating last line of each stanza. Of course I glossed over the word 'Hymn' in the title. Jumping over to her biography it came rushing in. A commenter there correctly identified Sarah's hymn ' Nearer My God' as the last song played by the string trio on the Titanic as she slipped into the ocean. Freaking awesome! Sarah is an indelible part of history and I am surprised she has only 6 pieces here on PH.
A well written poem
With parting breath. Nice work.
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