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The Whine Of My Brothers
Sarah Flower Adams (1805-1848 / Essex / England)

The Whine Of My Brothers

I hear the whine of my dying brothers
Yon’, I feel pain of my crying sisters.
we Sat all night at prison doors & wept
Like soldiers, whose eyes haven’t slept.

Brothers who‘ve survived many struck,
Lay in canoes, the deepest sea to duck,
few reached seashore to be slain & pelt.
Whence did we lay, & beaten by belt?

Ages, our forefather didn’t fight alone,
Though bruised & bitten to the bones?
this place, thousands of brothers slain
today our hearts still live in fear & pains

Who’d despised our kind, if not the west?
Men despise our lives, values, they jest,
finding pleasure in writing tales of death,
rush to witness horrors grow on the earth.

Oh! bro we live in a world of bitterness
that gibes, try to bring us to nothingness
If not, why sisters & daughters whoring,
sons, husbands trapped in their dungeons?

John G. Nelson

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greatly written- Enough that thou hast made it mine. When falls the shadow cold of death I yet will sing, with parting breath, ........./// wonderful and beautiful HYMN
Thank you, John Richter, for those valuable pieces of information that deepen our appreciation of an artist's work
Enjoyed it! Beautiful!
This is incredibly interesting. At first I thought a very dear little poem. But Sarah's name was ringing in my head as though I knew of her somehow. And I thought this is a form poem, like a hexastich with the repeating last line of each stanza. Of course I glossed over the word 'Hymn' in the title. Jumping over to her biography it came rushing in. A commenter there correctly identified Sarah's hymn ' Nearer My God' as the last song played by the string trio on the Titanic as she slipped into the ocean. Freaking awesome! Sarah is an indelible part of history and I am surprised she has only 6 pieces here on PH.
A well written poem
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