Day In The Life

There is a world beyond your world
You would know that if you looked past your mirror
So come out, come out and play

I am just a girl beyond your world
Here to guide you, here to stay

Your throat is burning
Your gut is churning
So let's get lunch

We'll have coffee
No, no coffee
I don't like coffee
So if you don't mind
Let's have tea
That's a compromise

I want burgers
You want baguettes
You'll settle for no less
So it's baguettes and tea
That's negotiating

No mustard for me
No honey for you
No longer hungry
Good, because I've got things for us to do

Passing by the shopping mall
You grip my hand and stare in awe
"What are these colors I've never seen before? "
You pull me past the sliding doors

The scarves are on sale
20 percent off
Your skin is so pale
You'd look good in mauve

You envy the beanies on the mannequins
You won't leave; you can't leave, so the designer brands win

I come out in a gossamer sundress
You say I need to lose some weight
RULE ONE in the handbook of women
Never say what you just said

Tie your laces and get your thermos
We'll go camping in the northern forests
Too cold for skeeters, and just a little frost
You say you'll find Bigfoot at any cost

Out here the city lights can't reach us
Orion's Belt and the Moon Man
Watch o'er us like Jesus
But you burned the dogs, so get the Spam

Tales of pirates and grizzlies and gore
Fairies and witches and Irish folklore
Fanciful fantasy feasts on your fears
But your imagination leaves you begging for more

Wake up, the sun has come to greet you
Get up, the jay just may sing for you
Cheer up, we've got more things to do
Look on the bright side, eastside, it's shining through

by GEN Nelson

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