Rush B

The time has come, the time to become Global Elite
It's my goal, it will be a difficult feat
My comrades will come out on top
Kill them all with a single pop
Our strategy is simple but affective
It's our only directive
Wanna know our secret?

We Rush B
It will be like a robbery
We take the P90
Coming at you like a queen bee
We throw the smoke
Make sure you don't have a stroke
You will hear us scream Cyka Blyat
With this strategy we will never lose
Rush B!
Rush B!
Rush B!
Rush B!
Everyone use P90!
Best gun!
Global Elite here I come my friend
Many skins I will spend
Skins give us power
Power is key
The power is Rush B
Cyka Blyat!

Mein Kampf

by Mein Kampf

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For Love doth use us for a sound of song, And Love’s meaning our life wields, Making our souls like syllables to throng His tunes of exultation.
there are many beautiful lines to love in this poem
Abercrombie reminds us that we owe our existence to the satisfaction of love's desire.
Lighten up Francis (Michael)
Good gosh almighty! he said as he read the cantankerous comments posted by colicky colleagues!
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