Saltpans White As Snow

Down in the Saltpan Country the saltpans white as snow
You won't see many animals where only saltbush grow
All through the thirsty Summer the days are warm and long
In the dry and the bare countryside known as the Coorong
Met an old bloke at Meningie the Coorong countryside he know
He said that old Lake Albert has never been so low
The water has retreated far inland from the shore
He said I've never seen it as low as this before
Down in the Saltpan Country the water birds are rare
Of the dwindling wildlife numbers one cannot help but feel aware
In a healthy Natural environment wildlife numbers do abound
In the Coorong only more and larger saltpans for miles and miles around
Down in the Saltpan Country where only saltbush grow
The saltpans in the sunshine are gleaming white as snow

by Francis Duggan

Comments (7)

Each moment we find! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The mercy I feel To others I show, I set to my seal That Jesus is true: Ye all may find favour Who come at his call, O come to my Saviour, His grace is for all! Nicely penned. 10
To save what was lost, from heaven he came; Come, sinners, and trust In Jesus's name. He offers you pardon; He bids you be free; If sin be your burden, O come unto me! A nice praise of Godly things. 10
The unvarying scansion and rhymes are an absolute bore. As is the hookum about sin and redemption through faith in a personification of deity. Faith I can grapple with, but not when it's confined to a delineated set of principles applied by a hierarchy of anointed figures. Taken as a metaphor, okay. There are lessons there to be decoded and absorbed. But as literal or historical fact it just isn't borne out as complying to the greater body of knowledge assembled by scientific investigation.
These lines are all about Jesus! I share and love every line. They shine in me and bounce like a stone on the water leaving a long aftertaste!
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