Hymn Xxix

suffer the little children!
suffer they do, and how!
they are padded, protected, petrified
as they dangle ‘neath broken bough!

by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler Click to read full poem

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Noble thoughts Rev. Jake but haven't you read the memo? Adolescence has now been extended from Kinder Kare to the retirement home.
Very fine sentiments emphatically and poetically expressed - but who will hear, and if they hear, will they understand, and if they understand, will they appreciate the validity and importance of this, and if they do, most importantly, will they have the bottle? I wonder, in this generally spineless world! You write very well indeed.
Jake, What makes you so reverent? Where did you get your doctorate from? Am I committing sacrilege by asking this? What church do you represent? For one that, on one hand puts down the ' P. H.' folks; you seem to have a lot of your own posted! Just a few inquiring questions? ... only the beginning! B.V.A.
Nicely done Doctor....! ! ! Best, T.M..
I like your turn on the phrase to start this, and the sentiments are dead on. Of course, it would help if there were still some woods left so they could have a place to go play. -chuck
This is a great write! ! Aside from the message (with which I agree) it is crisp and rhythmic as the prayer that it is. Kudo's. George, getting into some ajh
I completely agree with the previous comments. The PCers are ruining life for children and everyone else. I have a 1 year old grandson and he will be allowed to have FUN.. Colin
Well said Jake, very bloody well said! I seem to be an oddity amongst other parents I know because i let my 6yr old come to the supermarket with me dressed up as a princess and cast spells on passing shoppers (seriously!) . But the way I see it, life's hard enough without having been denied a childhood. Hugs Anna xxx
J, this is FANTASTIC... that anger in relation to the cotton-wool treatment and the selfish approach to children. Until a couple of days ago Dex and I were thinking about how to bring up a child and this has been a sort of internal theme for me (as in a 'make-sure-you-don't-go-there' one) .This piece expresses it all. I wonder where it came from. It needs to be shouted from the rooftops! t x