Ph: Evil: Sweet Servant Of Satan

So did you hear me calling?
Of course, I mean you
Indignation you're feeling
Just proves that it's true.
And your Bible says clearly
That you’re born in sin
It’s a paradox truly
Your virtue can’t win.

Did you know that all sinners
Are known by their tribes?
There are fallen believers
Quite sure of God's vibes
And satanic receivers
(Whose thankfulness reeks)
Both so full of themselves that
Their pride only speaks.

There is Democrat Weltschmerz
Republican pride,
Racist Tea Party Christians
With Hitler Youth ride,
Many strongly committed
And ignorant fools,
Largely wasting their lifetimes,
Contempt for God’s rules.

There are tribes of confusion
And tribes of lost souls
Tribes of courageless people,
Their heads stuck in holes
Only one lot worth mention,
Just guess if you can
It’s the group that God loves most
The offspring of man.

Do you think Christ was bothered
By what high priests said,
That He hasn’t a clue if
Inside you are dead?
No explaining His mercy
No sense in His Grace
It seems love of our Father’s
All over the place.

Do you drink wine with Satan
Or bathe in Christ's blood
Were all ancestors living
Right after the flood.
When it comes to the future
Please don’t roll the dice
You can trust in God’s justice
Or else pay the price.

by Brian Johnston

Comments (3)

A fabulous hymn so brilliantly crafted...In joy and woe- in good and ill-Mother of God, be with me still............................beautiful ending....Let my Future radiant shine/With sweet hopes of thee and thine!
Thy grace did guide to thine and thee, sacred thoughts and surrendering to the mother of God.
..............a wonderful hymn, beautifully penned ★