Hypnotism At Its Best

Some will say,
There is no magic...
In the tragedy of things.
I beg to differ with this assessment.

It seems that the tragedy has occurred,
Under the noses of everyone.
And no one will admit to noticing anything.
If that is not magic,
I don't know what else is.

And to have everyone awakening,
To what has been there staring in their faces.
Declaring they did not see what has been observed?
While others they have shunned to ostracize,
Have been pointing these observations out for years?
This is hypnotism at its best as seen reflected.

And 'now' people are protesting,
What they had digested to accept.
To declare themselves unwilling victims?
Who amongst 'them' has implemented this brilliance?
To get everyone's focus on pointless rascist issues?

Tragic has been this magic.
Brilliant in its deception.
And hypnotism at its best.
Now will those awakening take steps,
To mend to heal from their self inflicted wounds?
Will they continue to accuse each other for being human?
Once this has been noticed to be seen.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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