MH (10/13/1990 / )

Independence Day We Gather At Friends' Home (Senryu)

Independence Day
We gather at our friends' home:
Becky and Joe's nest.

We are group of friends.
Wives started E.T.C club*
Husbands joined as guests.

Today, monthly meet
Becky volunteers as host
All come except one.

Joe has many Koi's
His pond layout is superb
His fish colorful.

During vacation
Our grand children come along
I watch small grand son.

We enjoy friendships
On this special occasion:
Independence Day.


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When the emergency strikes you, you better not loose your nerve nice abstract poem
I belive Frank said it all but I'll add one word - excellent!
Commendable work, young lady....Graphic, and poignant depiction employed... Effulgent imagework...Creative use of simple, yet impactive lexicon.You possess natural largess for creative writing.Good Luck! ~ FjR ~