Hypnotized By The Bling Of Things

Fed on concepts that have gotten them into ruts.
And they are stuck.
Like flies glued to a dead horse's butt.

Licking on sweets and teased by more honey.
Hypnotized by the bling of things,
And craving for themselves a taste of more money.

Screaming and convinced they are owed entitlements.
Regardless if they've been overindulged...
With the feeding on debts.

And the ones who have been forced to face realities,
Seem to have always been the ones,
To be accused of have needs.

And those who protest,
Their once gushing faucets now drip with barely a leak...
Demand more of a feasting caring less who really needs to eat.

While those who wish to rid them all,
Are not one bit upset...
Whose appetites remain stalled.
As a long as a truth is kept from them to pursue.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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