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I wept today,
For I saw the truth,
But heard the lies once more.
I thought I heard you say never again,
I thought I heard the words “no more.”
I guess my ears were wrong, for those were untrue.
I would have to be blind,
And I would have to be deaf,
To believe the tales you whisper so softly.
Some would call me naive,
While others would stand behind me proudly,
As I batter your name, what we had, and what could have been.
The tears sting,
But not as badly as the words you spoke.
The wounds are deep, untouchable, and unfixable.
I had faith in your dreams.
I had hope for our future.
I had happiness in my heart, in my smile, and in my eyes.
But you tore it away,
slowly but (and) forcefully.
We grew cold.
We grew bitter and selfish.
Neither wanted to let go,
because the loss of comfort would kill us both.
We got past faking,
We got past even attempting.
It’s time to walk away.
It’s time for the misery and silly games to come to a stop.
I wish I could say everything will be just fine,
But then, I would be considered the liar,
And a hypocrite just like you.

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Comments (3)

I hate hypocrites! Let us fight them.
There comes a time when....indeed....we must cut our loses......however painful....it might be! Elcellent composition.
You show such choler in this poem.