Hypocritical Ways

Stale principles to value their decay and rust.
Trusted archaic standards to charade.
Fading under tons of dust.
A thriving marketplace,
Relying upon decadence to survive.
In the most hypocritical ways.

Depicted is a wholesome righteousness.
Window dressed to sparkle and gleem.
Yet behind the scenes is a muffling to prevent,
The consenting of deviant behavior.
In the most hypocritical ways.

And in the most hypocritical ways,
These activities betray reality.
A reality lived but quick to censor.
The facts of life observed to see.
Although promoted to delude.
Glossed and advertised.
In smothering animated deception.
That keeps the people,
Joyfully skipping towards an abyss of debts.
Believing themselves entitled to a freedom.
A freedom deserving of a life,
Lived in the most hypocritical ways.
Doing it done to medicate their regrets!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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