Hypothetically Speaking, Of Course

The origin of this investigation...
Is to determine 'who' to hold accountable,
And pinpoint those responsible...
For the creation of a process,
That has been implemented.

Not to interrogate those who followed orders,
As instructed.
In other words...
'Initiators beware.
We are sniffing like hound dogs,
On your trail.'
Next question, please!

'Your Royal Majesty?
And I hope I do not offend.'

Good heavens, no!
Just consider me as someone who sits,
At the pinnacle of power...
After pulling myself up by my own boot straps.
And ready to kick some butt!

'OH! I see.
So you 'are' determined to put some folks behind bars? '

We have all the bartenders we need.
Excuse the levity.
We 'are'...if you will, determined to drag a few behinds,
Across smoldering hot coals.
Humiliate them to no end.
And simply lock them up for the rest of their lives!
That's all.

'But isn't that going against what you said earlier...
Just a few weeks ago? '

Let me say this...
An enactment of incredible deception has taken place.
Does two enactments of incredible deception,
Make the initial act less tolerable?
I think not!
And besides...
I was still basking in the throes of a successful campaign.
After winning and exchanging gifts...
My advisors and I decided,
Enough of the BS.
We are going to go after those perpetrators...
Regardless of which part of Texas they reside!

'Why Texas?
Why not Oklahoma, Missouri or Wyoming? '

Hypothetically speaking, of course.
I could have easily mentioned a few names.
But your questions have left me 'bushed'.
A little levity.

No one has to tell the Attorney General what to do.
That is why this entire procedure,
Has been placed confidently in his hands!
No more questions.
I promised my children I'd build them a tree house.
And then I have speeches to make in Boise,
Paris, Hong Kong and Hartford before dinner.
And Michelle hates it if I am a second late!

Thank you for coming.
I'll spend just three hours signing autographs.
And that's it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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