Hypothetically Speaking

How can experiences lived,
Be shared positively.
In conversations,
That are openly expressed...
As being constructive.
And direct and honest,
As a one on one can be.

A restless figeting begins.
When the listener is young...
And filled with deluded apprehensions,

And an impatience that sits,
Begins to reveal less tolerance with this.

How can any experience lived,
In certain circumstances...
Cause one's mind to drift,
With a secret wish...
To leave not a single fingerprint?
When applying methods of strangulation,

~Are you listening to me?
No one cares or listens to me.~

*Oh I'm listening to you, darling.
With unequivocal intent! *

Should one consider,
Being convicted of premeditated murder?
Hypothetically speaking,
Of course.

'Wouldn't it be cheaper,
Just to seek a divorce?
Instead of repeatedly beating a dead horse? '

What if it's a son,
Or a thick headed daughter?

'What if it's a sentence,
Of twenty years or more...
For perpetrating manslaughter? '

What if it's a one way trip to the Bahamas?
To never again feel guilt.
Or be visited by remorse.

'You said 'hypothetically speaking' this is? '

Of course.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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