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TA (September 25 / Boise, Idaho)


I stand alone
On the open plain
I’ve weathered
All the sun and rain
And still stood there
Through the pain

People tell me
“You can’t do it.”
I can.
I will stand alone
On that open plain
I will stand alone
Through all the wind and rain

I could stand alone
Forever and never see
Another soul, for the rest
Of my life.
I wouldn’t mind.

I could leave the Earth
Leave it all behind,
But I don’t
I could say
“It’s not worth it.”
But I won’t.

I will stand alone
On that open plain
Waiting to see
What you’re meant to be
And what you can do
To end up where
You’ve always been meant to

I stand alone
As was meant to be
I stand alone
As you can surely see
You can see
Anyone but me
And that’s how it was
Meant to be.

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