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I Accept

I decline, to take your wine
But of your hospitality I will partake
As your gesture is true and very kind
So of your joy, I will not forsake.
I will sit with you, the whole night though
As you drink your glass of wine
I can be the student and you the guru
And from that happiness I will not decline.

As I had spoke, I will not smoke
But of your habit you should enjoy
And those words I will not revoke
Though myself smoking it does annoy.
Smoke your smokes, I hope I don't choke
As you puff on your cigarette or cigar
Enjoy that taste with pleasure's awoke
As for your smoking habit I will never debar.

I refuse to eat, any of your foods or meat
But thank you for asking about my appetite
And with that one question to you, I must conclude
That without eating today, I will not die.
So please enjoy your food, as any man would
We can still chat while you are eating
And when you are finished I hope it's understood
That you and I can then start our preaching.

I do agree, that you and I both are free
As we lived our lives the best we could
But then I think as I drink my coffee
Was there other places that we should of stood.
Let's look through the bible, and see what is vital
For man to live and love on this Earth
But then I understand life is but a vicious cycle
It ends and begins with death and birth.

I now say goodbye, please don't sigh
Hopefully someday soon we will chat again
When the sun is out and blue is the sky
And again you my friend I will commend.
I will knock on your door, as I have done before
As I arrive there hopefully as your guest
Then our memories again we will restore
And I will accept, at your own request.

Randy L. McClave

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