I Accept Apologies

Have I done many things,
That were 'blindly' experimenttal?
I was not completely blind.
And yes,
I confess to being adventurous.

Do I have regrets,
For doing those things...
That were less socially accepted?

You have no idea how I wish,
These questions you ask...
Were from a multiple choice test.

I was born with a creative nature.
And I've done my best to express those interests.
Even though some folks may have been upset,
I have no regrets.

Hopefully a time will come,
When more will welcome that choice to live.
And people will remove their noses,
From cracks and crevices on other folks exposed.
I keep my fingers crossed on that!

'You are direct and bold,
Aren't you? '

What did you expect?
Apologies made with excuses?

I guess.'

I accept apologies!
Excuses I don't make.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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