I Accepted That

I wish I can explain to define my interest,
In being creative with such an attached attraction.
But just like my birth I don't remember when I first,
Took notice of the beginning of it...
To describe that as an experience to document.
I do recall my initial steps learning how to walk.

I crawled to stand to move my feet to then fall.
To repeatedly do it again and again.
And for whatever the reason I became amused.
With a keeping that excitement for many, many years!
So, I accepted that as part of the process.

Had I known one day I would be approached,
To explain in detail how this was done...
I would have taken notes.
Although I must admit I had other curiosities.
But never had it occurred to me,
To observe this process I have always known...
That closely.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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good writing, I like it, thanks.