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I Ain'T Him!
BC (January 28,1929 / Oakland, California)

I Ain'T Him!

Dedicated to Prof. Bob Chapel, Univ. of Virginia

I googled my name
And what a surprise:
The name is the same,
But it's some other guy's!

That Chapel's a prof,
A purveyor of knowledge;
I toil in the trough
Of community college.

If you're looking for him
I feel I must warn ya
Your chances are slim;
I'm in California.

We both spell it CHAPEL
(A hint of the papal?) ,
But mine rhymes with apple
And his rhymes with maple.

When he googles his name
He'll encounter this verse.
(I wish it were better;
I'm glad it's not worse.)

I toast you, Professor:
Here's mud in your eye!
Let this not be the end;
I await your reply.

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