I Aint Got Time For That

What empathy shown from me,
Could I give to share?
If I am there prepared to give it,
And unaware of it my empathy is.

If I volunteer to someone my love,
And they interpret my love as something else...
To have it dismissed as if it doesn't exist,
To have them believe there is something they have...
I wish to get.
To then tell others I am giving to rip them off,
And 'my' cost?
I am quick from them to disappear.

'Can we do this again?
I misinterpreted your doing and did not comprehend.'

Let's stand here together and watch that clock.
You see the hands on it moving forward?
Do you here it tick tock?

'Yes I do.'

Let's stand here together.
And then I want you to watch me walk away from you.

'No. No...
Please stop.
Come back.'

Tell that to the forward movement of the hands on that clock.
'Cause I aint got time for that.
I've already given and you have reminded me I shouldn't have.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Sometimes wasted time works more then one way, They waste your time, you waste your time by allowing them to waste it, they waste there time by wasting yours, and you waste theres by allowing them to waste your. It is one big circle to wasting time. If one is a waste we suddenly all are waste. That is why sometimes it is better to not feed wood to the fire that produces no heat. Instead maybe it is time to built a new fire, either that go somewhere a little warmer where not so much heat is needed. This Poem makes you think. Or maybe I have a really bad habit to over analyze everything. Anyways thanks for sharing it.