I Already Knew

I did not begin this journey,
Seeking to be followed.
Or gave it a single thought,
As I kept focused with a purpose...
With my steps placed to move ahead.

Many times on my path I cleared of obstacles,
I ignored rumors and whispers heard...
That my task was foolish.
And with their laughter fading,
I never looked back.

And as the years pass while I am often asked,
What has driven my motivation?
With an initiative that has long lasted?
And I quickly look into the eyes to witness a determination.
To then realize someone else notices it takes sacrifice.

'When do you eat?
When do you sleep?
When do you take time to relax and just rest? '

That depends.
What is more important to you?
The doing?
Or the finding of time?

'I find the time to do to get done what I should.'

And you seek from me a better answer?
There is none.

'I already knew.'

I know you did.
One day you will witness many more knowing this too.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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