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I Always
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

I Always


I always find a way to forgive you.
I always find my way back home to you.
I always will remember the times we shared.
I always will carry those memories with me to my grave.
You will be forever in my heart.
I love you I always will love you.
I always think about you and how that you were always there for me when I was down.
You always were the one that I could count on.
All I have now is those memories of me and you and photos of when we were together.
I wish that you could come back to me. I wish that you could see the look on my face since you've left. I miss you and I always will miss you. Seemed like you and I were suppose to be together forever but I guess I was wrong.
I still love you. I wish that you would come back to me

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we all feel this way wen things go south... I really like this one... good job. Becca