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I Always Cry When I See You
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I Always Cry When I See You

Poem By Iulia Hulea

i always cry when i see you, because
my camera can never detect your shape,
not even when you stay in front of it,
motionless and quiet
i rub my eyes, then read aloud:
"the subject is too dark"
two seconds pass, the screen beeps; i exhale
"please, move to a spot with better lighting"
and then i start to sort my thoughts out,
put them on little shelves, inside my mind
while my mouth is babbling useless words,
trying to make you laugh at me,
hoping that the "big smile detection" setting
will work this time (it doesn't)
and then it comes to me: your sorrow
is eating you from inside out;
i can hear it while it chews,
i can hear it while it swallows,
i can hear it while it laughs
it doesn't want to leave a bit of you
for my fingertips to ghost over
a pair of eyes look at me from the corner
of the room, where mold is growing,
where the light of my phone
can't quite hit the walls
and i feel nothing but remorse;
i should've taken the batteries out of my camera
a long time ago

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A refined poetic imagination, Lulia Hulea. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.