I Always Pray,

O My Dearest!
I always pray,
But my prayer fails,
As you very busy,
I decided to write
A humble letter to you,
So that, L
When u alone,
Free from work
In enjoying mood,
In spared time,
Your mind totally vacant,
Seated in a chair
Laying in bed,
If your wrist proceeds forward,
Hold my letter,
In eagerous way,
Eyes searching very Lovely,
What written in letter,
My words will speak to you better,
And you will take action
very quicker,
But, O my God!
How may I write to you,
No knowledge of words vocabulary
As you very away from word;
Neither I am philosopher,
Nor a well writer
A spiritual sage;
But I fear to observe all knowledge,
It rendering ego,
Although getting even
a drop of ocean,
But sentiments clipped,
I am a master of all knowledge,
Good musician, dancer too,
Superhuman of all fields,
Don't want to learn
Any questions reply,
Regarding any discipline;
Lastly I surrender myself,
On your pity, sympathy,
As I know very firmly,
You are in all,
All are in you,
You only reside in each heart
And me too,
I don't want to learn an alphabet,
To write even a letter to you.
I surrender! I surrender! I surrender!
O My Dearest!

by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay

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Add a comment.great writing.i like it
hey doc navin good expression of words and language use.great keep it up.i like it.10