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I Always Reckoned

I say that I have always reckoned
When you had put God first, and me always second,
To him you speak to when your times are at their worst
And of course you should always put our Lord first,
And he is so easy to find, you don't ever need to search
He is in always in our home, and he headquarters at our church.

I say another thing that I have always reckoned
When you continually put your children first and me always second,
When their needs and their wants must always be fulfilled
And in their good times and their bad times when they must be healed,
And the children they are so easy to always find
In the stores, at their friends, or wherever they are in a bind.

I say this again that I have always reckoned
When you constantly put your parents first and me always second,
I know they gave you life and they supported you when you were young
They also fed you, and bought for you, they are your heroes unsung,
And most certainly you know where they always are
Either at our home or you are visiting them by way of your car.

I say this again that I have always reckoned
When you had put your friends first and me again always second,
They are your companions and confidants when you go out shopping
Either for you, or for the kids and you're always gossiping and eavesdropping,
Seems like you are always talking to them on the phone as well
But, I don't care, you are happy, you knew them longer, so what the hell.

I say this one thing again which I can't fathom or understand
After our evenings or vacations together which you have always planned,
When once in a great while I sometimes want to go out with a work-friend
Maybe out to a game or to a meeting to which I enjoy to attend,
You then cry and complain saying that I am always putting you second
That! I can't comprehend, or have I ever reckoned.

Randy L. McClave

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