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I Always Return
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

I Always Return

I was so sure that we, were always meant to be
God's gift from earth, my love was the purpose of your birth
You were supposed to be mine. I felt it from the shivers down my spine.
Something in me telling me that you were light in me, something I couldn't see.
But I heard it and that stuck in my head. But now it feels like I have a head filled with lead.
Yet every time I look into your eyes for some reason I still see it.
My puzzle is missing a piece and you still are the perfect fit
Sadly, this puzzle obviously is not meant to be completed.
I have to find another piece but all my resources are depleted.
Gonna have put this puzzle away and hide it where it can't be  found.
You took me to Jupiter but I gotta pack my bags and be earthbound.
Following the same road we took to get here in the first place
But I'm lost and like instict says I've got to go back to my owner.
So I walk the same path every other loner.
Walking that lonely path until I run across your face.
But I'm not meant to make it to my once intended destination
I lose myself, now I'm running away filled with hate and desperation.
Somehow though, I always run into you, it's like were linked to each other
Magnetically attracted to where our bodies are forced together
It's proving what I already know, were meant to be lovers
We are meant to be in love with each other forever.
But things stay the same because I'm afraid to tell you anything at all
So I stare into your eyes thinking it says everything, but it doesn't say much.
What I'm really doing when I'm staring as it seems is stall
My body breaks apart easily every time that we touch.
You're becoming everything, the air I breathe and the things I dream.
You don't feel the same though, and my eyes lose their gleam.
The lights in the room turn off and you just fade quickly
So now I'm in love with someone gone, and there's no way you miss me.

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Maya Angelou

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