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I Always Yearn For What Once Was

I always yearn for what once was and cannot be again
And nostalgic memories of the past are all that with me remain
But were I to return to my old Hometown a stranger there I'd be
The years have brought about great change and time has left it's mark on me.

Most of us migrants much the same we yearn for childhood years
Though time is running out on us and we too old for tears
The wanderlust in the young heart the far off hills are green
It is a bigger World out there and so much to be seen.

We did not have to leave our Homeland shore like the poor refugees
The wanderlust was in our hearts and it we did appease
Yet wanderlust in it's own way is a sort of a disease
It compels people for to fly or sail to Lands beyond the seas.

We quickly age and we grow old and time quickly ticks away
And we look back with nostalgia when the years have left us gray
Old Viki who came south from Greece she has known a better day
Oh give me back my youth again I often hear her say.

My thoughts go back to childhood years when I've had a few beers
But time for me too did not wait and I'm now too old for tears
Perhaps in this great Southern Land I'll live my final day
From the old Town by Clara hill more than half a World away.

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