I Am # 05

Birth is not from sin
Birth is from the best love;
from the faithful love of two biological soul;
From the gushing liquid I'm; as if an aquatic animal
Birth is not from the drop of Pacific Ocean
but from the drop depth more than that

This is I; from the royal love,
from that I'm, from that my soul
an animal with holder power of speech,
holder of best conscience,
with six senses I'm human

They make me Hindu, Buddhist,
make me Jew, Christian
make me Muslim, Sikh
title me with any other name,
although from my birth I'm human,
I'm human from my birth,
best shaped animal of God

Since then I learn that which is taught to me
I build me on that path they teach to build
I learn sin or virtue how to teach me,
wickedness, virtuous, hatred, vengeance or love,
I learn as they teach me,
Because I'm human of following being only!

From the unknown time
I learn everything in divided law,
on the tone of faithfulness and unfaithfulness,
in the verse of belief and disbelief,
that taught me from predecessors learning
Because I'm human of following being only!

From the Holy Scriptures
I learn that which is taught to me from good or worse,
As pantomime doll I stay in mimicry
Because I'm human of following being only!

I learn from the holy Bede, the holy Jabur
The holy Tawrat, the holy Tripitaka,
The holy Injil, the holy Qur'an
The holy Granth Sahib
Learn more from the Holy Scriptures
Because I'm human, I believe God
These teachings only for me
These teachings among the whole created animals
To be best conscious creation
To be united animal, not to be divided follower

When I look at other created animals
then I find they learn own-self for the essence of life
For them no need the Holy Scriptures
So am I worse than the other creation of the world!

But I learn and oblige to learn
which is taught to me, how to teach me
From the divided Holy Scriptures;
which are followed our predecessors
which divisions only in belief and disbelief,
No divisions are in ethics; in morality of daily life
and this alienated learning is only for me!
Because I'm human, the divided follower;
the best created animal; the supreme conscience;
the great meditated thoughtful human;
the best powered in speaking animal in this earth,
from that faithful love of biological soul

But I lost myself in the greatest divided Holy Scriptures;
in the bangle of belief and disbelief;
in the holy separated verse,
And I forget my greatness;
forget that I'm from only one God;
forget that love from which I've taken birth,
from that love which has no form of divisions;
no form of hatred, no form of vengeance
From that love I've taken birth which has form of unity;
from that love which has great ecstatic mystic harmony
from that love which only knows to be assembled in peaceful coalescence
and for the essence of daily life.
I learn which is taught to me
I learn everything but forget to learn myself
They teach me everything except the greatest truth that- "I am human."

- March 26,2018 Chittagong, Bangladesh


Comments (52)

We are all universal beings joined to the first humans. Your poem is astoundingly good.
You certainly have done a lot of " peaceful coalescence" in order to create this poem that celebrates the undivided human essence. Hurrah for spiritual vision that proceeds from being human.
Powerful and true words shared. One earth and one people. Each of us are humans and lights of life. Every life had value.
Philosophical write with multiple truths. Well expressed. Food for thought.
contd when you emerge with magnetic force all that is you as human dependent as animal independent then if you don't go to religious Organisation you will be a socially independent human ahead of animal the solar energy is energetic universal source and your brain is all in all Just think coolly
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