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I am the Neanderthal, with spear in hand.
I am the wise man, which wandered this land.
I am the mason that built the idol,
I am a ruler, Pharaoh is my title.

I am the jester who pleased your court.
I am the knight that fought for sport.
I am the gladiator, standing alone with my task
I am the blacksmith forging your flask.

I am the slave removed from my land.
I am the master, ruling with an iron hand.
I am the minuteman defending my beliefs.
I am the ruler of a foreign land, responsible for all your griefs.

I am the rugged cowboy taming uncharted land.
I am the native Indian willing to take a stand.
I am the simple farmer, starting crops from a hand full of seeds.
I am the master carpenter seeing to all your needs.

I am the engineer, foreseeing a connecting from east to west.
I am the worker from distant lands, considered to be the best.
I am the greedy land baron, stealing to raise my cattle.
I am the hired gunslinger, for a price I’ll fight your battle.

I am the young pioneer, who wouldn’t give up on flight.
I am the clever piddler, the one who gave you light.
I am the persistent inventor, I talked across a wire.
I am the chemist in his lab who turned rubber into a tire.

I am the engineer, who foresaw a safer way of travel.
I am the one who thought enough to cover dirt with gravel.
I am the minstrel who shared my songs; I gave to you my tune.
I am the one who would not quit, till man set foot on the moon.

I am the anxious writer, telling you stories, thru my latest press release.
I am the negotiator, suggesting the ways, to end these wars in peace.
I am the old man, struggling to remember fragments of my past.
I am the poet, pen and paper in hand, ensuring your memories last.

by Poison 9901

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