I Am

...and when I give I give with wild abandon,
no holds are barred, no watchers are considered.
I lay my head down on the tracks for you my love,
and if you want me all you need to do is take me.
I pray as never ever I have prayed my love,
that I may BE what you have dreamed to have and hold.
I cannot jump my silly god-forsaken shadow,
but if I could I would as I have told
you once before to let you see,
that this is love, for you alone, from me.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

This is my favourite so far. Sometimes when you read a poem you take away the memory of a line or a phrase. My head is full of lines that have touched me in some way over the years and I have just added 'I cannot jump my silly god-forsaken shadow' to the collection. Best Jayne
Powerful verse, delivered in A+ style.
You let her know what you want, then you grab it by the balls, the only language they know, i can see your a man for the jungle, do you want a loan of my trusty club it's a bit rusty WARM REGARD'S allan
I really liked this. Heartfelt & True. Excellent 10+