VR (27-11-1953 / Vegeswarapuram, India)

I Am

I am the stream, I am the rivulet
I am the river flowing to the east or the west, south or north
I am the sea, I am the ocean
I am the delightful union of the river and the ocean;

I am the hills, I am the valleys, I am the peaks of the mountains;
I am the plants, I am the trees piercing the earth,
I am the black clouds, I am the incessant down pour,
I am the deafening thunder, I am the blinding lightening

I am the Sun, I am the Illumination,
I am the moon, I am the pleasant moonlight,
I am the earth holding all life and all the moving and stationary;
I am the green fields, I am the red flames

I am the flowers full of honey,
I am the sound made by the bees sucking honey;

I am the stone, I am the rock, I am the ravishing beauty of youthful women,
I am the insect, I am the reptile, I am the delightful flow of poetry,
I am the bird, I am the Man, I am the consort of the Nature;

I am the planets, I am the revolutions of planets,
I am the universe, I am the cosmos,
I am the form of all worlds,
I am the holder of the universe in me;

I am the knower, I am the known,
I speak, I understand;

I am the frolic play of boys and girls,
I am the amorous feelings of the youth,
I am the beautiful smiles of the infants and the aged;

All the nature, planets, stars, universe, celestial worlds, cosmos
Are originating, growing and dissolving in me;

I am the liberty, I am the independence
I am the peace, I am the glow of all life;

Such I am

Can not be caged
By castes, religions, languages, regions, nationalities,
Ideologies, cultures, cults, isms or fanatic slogans;

Even though arrows are pierced through me,
Swords cut me into pieces; bullets make my body and heart a sieve
Bombs scatter my body parts; tanks roll over me and make me a paste,
Kings, Emperors, Rulers, fanatic religious heads, Caste leaders,
Champions of ideology though stand in rows
Can not bind me;

All the efforts to annihilate me
Will be consumed by the flames of
My fiery nature

by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Comments (14)

A power packed monologue.
As a poem yes! But as a statement of philosophy or actuality, the great Unknown, Time, deletes it. A poet is like the rooster, the glory of the barnyard.- this poet is serenading his and our sense of beauty through self-awareness - and doing a good job - while sensibly ignoring what is totally beyond our ken: Time.
Superb sojourn of I’m. I’m All. It’s a Vedantic thought. Enjoyed. Ten+ Ms. Nivedita Cordially invite to read, comment Enigmatic Navel Lie Sly or other poems niv
a wonderful description, meaningful too. well penned! you're deep! thanks for sharing.
A nice poem - deep and elaborate, still leaving lots unsaid, to be felt / experienced as the state being portrayed is much beyond words.... Regards, Vanita.
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