I Am

I knelt and washed His precious feet
And dried them with my hair
I walked with Him from Bethany
His last supper to prepare.
I head the clink of silver
As it tell in Judas' hand.
I pittance of thirty pieces
To betray the son of Man.
I prayed with Him in Gethsemane
The others were fast asleep,
All except Simon Peter
And two sons of Zebedee.
I listened to Peter's denial
He said he knew not Christ
Not one; not two; but three times
Ere the cock crowed thrice.
I felt the bittersweet kiss of death
As they led my Lord away
To face his false accusers
On that black and infamous day.
I wiped away the spittle
From the masters bellowed face
I tried to soothe the stinging stripes
And lift a crown of thorns away.
I felt the nails go through His hands,
The sword that pierced His said
I hung my hand in agony
The day my Savior died.
They gave Him not sweet water
But vineyard laced with gall
Taunted Him with temptation
They humiliated my Lord.
They reckoned not with his Father
And when their cruel deed was done,
God was angry in Hi Heaven
They had mistreated His beloved son.
He sent lightning, fires and earthquakes,
Ripped the temple veil apart
The mighty mountains trembled
And all the world was dark.
Jesus shed His precious blood
My Savior paid the price
And I shall dwell with Him forever,
For I am a crucified with Christ.

by Emma Campbell

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