I Am

I am sitting, I am sitting, I am sitting.
I am up as high as I can go.
If you look up, up, up, and can't see me.
Then I am higher than, You can ever, look and see.
Where I am sitting, and what I a sitting on, I will not say. For I can see innocent little children playing, they are running
and having fun, and having their way. I see a play house, color is red, WAIT! WAIT! I see inside the
wall is black with ugly words written on the wall. My children
is running inside a dark play house, mean words is on the wall,
disgrace drawing is on the wall. I see evil, I see no morals, I see drugs. I see my child
smoking and drinking. I SEE! I SEE! WAIT! WAIT! I see, the writing is white on the walls
and their is a blinking yellow light, it is blinking so fast until
every child want to see what is inside. PARENTS, PARENTS,
WALK FAST, RUN RUN, and catch your children and bring them back. To your loving arms, your loving home. Put your strong arms
around them. Let that child know that GOD is POWERFUL and
YOUR love is STRONG. That God's powerful word is not in that
little house. I am in a hurry, come and run with me for I am in a hurry,
come and join my group, for we are running, not walking! We
are going to catch our children before they enter into that
little red house, for I am sitting where I can see for that house
is in my view, for I AM . . . FOR I AM SITTING WHERE I CAN SEE . . . I AM

by Alice M. Thomas

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