If I Could Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time,
I'd go back to our first kiss
When your lips touched mine
I was in total bliss.

If I could go back
I'd go to all of the times you told me you loved me.
How I always felt for a fact
That you'd always be next to me.

If I could relive a moment,
I'd go to when we first made love
Sure it was in my car…and pretty cramped
But it took me to the heavens above.

But if I could change one thing,
It would be my lie
I'd take away the sting
That you felt when tears came to your eyes.

I'd stop myself before I did it
I'd make sure I NEVER hurt you
But now I have to deal with my own fit
All because I panicked to protect you.

It was stupid, there's no doubt
And I wish I could fix it
But now there's no way out
I just have to live with it.
But whether or not I can
Go back in time to that day
I know that I'd still love for you to be my man
And that my love for you is here to stay.

And if you decide that you want to come back to me,
I'd take you with open arms.
I'd work to earn your trust slowly,
I'd do you no harm.

by Melody Stargaze

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