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I Am

I am happy when tulips crack earth's 'crust',
And daffodils flirt up at the sun,
When children play in the grass,
And their laughter bubbles forth form happy hearts.
I am calm when snow melts,
Streams ripple with a heavy flow,
And a cool breeze
Offers a soft caress to my sweaty brow.
I am serene on hot summer days
When grasshoppers rub languid legs,
Hummingbirds find a succulent feast,
And evening spreads her velvet drapes.
I am glad when friends smile a slow hello,
Relatives share a holiday toast,
Acceptance is given freely,
And the silence of love fills the air.
I am sad when a tear slips from an eye of hurt,
A heart aches in one too young to speak,
And a good-bye is not agreeable
To the departing nor the departed.

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