I Am...

I am the sleepy setting sun, shining down on everyone. Still bright and bloody, bending behind the hills horizon, retiring readily low below mt.Zion. So exhausted of fulfilling, unwilling, this monotonous existence; expected to edify without any resistence. Rising and falling... Rising and falling... Just waiting to expire. In an explosion- a spontaneous explosion of fire.

I feel like the waves- the same. The never-ending undulation of the ocean tides, which only fade but never die. Collecting corruption and devouring debris in the ocean, the wide-open mouth of the sea... of me... Reflected on the surface, shining and sleek, is only a large lonely oil leak. I too feel i am buried beneath and no one can see me.

Like a grain of sand settled on the sea shore- there among about a million more. Blown around by the balmy blistering breeze with no control over where it leads. Helpless. Hopeless. Powerless and pleading that the pull of the warm wafting wind oversee me - leave me. The cavernous holes hollowed into my heart, like sand dunes- a natural art. The dust, the dirt, and the dead discarded like a snakes skin does shed.

I am the whispering- no whimpering wind- so free, but so discontent. Always willing to leave- with no goodbye, no reprieve. Never connected to anything. I stay alone with out any definite home. Wrapping around every towering town like a sinuous silken gown. Always displeased- always another sight to see. But you'll never see me...

I am a soul bound within a body. So like being captured in a corpse- regurgitated, raw and rotting. Like a sigh locked inside, like a secret you can try to hide. Trapped inside a mortal machine- so numb yet i feel everything. I am a spirit somewhere inside- i am a being waiting to die...

by Elizabeth Jordan Heinbuch

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