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I Am A Bigot

I am a small-minded bigot
Racial remarks come from my mouth like an open spigot,
Discrimination is my only true apparel
And for my bigotry, it fills my own water barrel.
When I feel hatred or prejudice I turned on the faucet
At other races, beliefs and colors, my injustice I will toss it,
If they're not a white Americans like me, I do not care
And how dare them breathe my same air.
For a long while I thought that my beliefs were all dead
Then I heard the thoughts that my president had said,
There was nothing ever really wrong with me
It was the new and different people, that came to my country.
Now I am out of that dark nasty swamp
Now on others beliefs and rights I am going to stomp,
Then when comes the day that I will die
Liberals will thank God, that my barrel finally had gone dry.

Randy L. McClave

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